10 Tips That Will Help You Save Money on Hotels


Whether you’re traveling for leisure or business, saving money on accommodations can make a huge difference to your overall trip experience. With a bit of planning and some insider knowledge, you can save a significant amount on your hotel stays. In this article, we will discuss 10 tips that will help you save money on hotels, including team member travel, American Express travel, and business trips.

Tip 1: Book in advance

Booking your hotel room well in advance can help you secure better rates. Hotels often offer lower prices for early bookings to fill up their rooms and ensure guaranteed revenue. Keep an eye out for early bird specials and promotional offers that come with booking early.

Tip 2: Leverage team member travel programs

Many companies have partnerships with hotels, which offer discounted rates for their employees. Make sure to check with your company’s travel department to find out if you qualify for such benefits.

  • American Express travel: If you’re an American Express cardholder, you can access exclusive discounts, upgrades, and perks through the American Express Travel website. These benefits can add up to significant savings on your hotel stays.
  • Business trip: If you’re traveling for work, your company may have negotiated rates with specific hotel chains. Make sure to book your stay through your company’s travel portal to take advantage of these discounts.

Tip 3: Stay in less popular areas

Hotels located in popular tourist areas or city centers tend to be more expensive. By choosing a hotel in a less popular or more residential area, you can save a considerable amount on accommodation costs. Just make sure that the location is still convenient and well-connected to your points of interest.

Tip 4: Be flexible with your travel dates

Hotel prices can vary significantly depending on the time of the year and even the day of the week. Be flexible with your travel dates, and consider staying during weekdays or non-peak seasons to get the best deals.

Tip 5: Compare different booking websites

There are numerous hotel booking websites, and each one may offer different rates and promotions. Make sure to compare prices across multiple platforms before making a reservation to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible.

Tip 6: Utilize loyalty programs and credit card rewards

Many hotel chains offer loyalty programs that provide discounts and perks for frequent guests. Additionally, certain credit cards offer reward points that can be redeemed for hotel stays or even converted into airline miles. Make sure to take advantage of these programs to save on your accommodations.

Tip 7: Negotiate for better rates

Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the hotel directly for better rates, especially if you’re staying for an extended period. Contact the hotel and ask if they can offer any discounts or promotions. You may be surprised at how willing they are to work with you to secure your

Tip 8: Travel during off-peak seasons

Traveling during the off-peak seasons can result in significantly lower hotel rates. Prices tend to be highest during popular vacation times, holidays, and weekends. By avoiding these peak periods and opting for quieter times of the year, you can save a substantial amount on your hotel stays.

Tip 9: Use alternative accommodation options

If saving on accommodations is your top priority, consider alternative lodging options like Airbnb, hostels, or even vacation rental homes. These alternatives can often be more affordable than traditional hotels and provide a unique travel experience.

Tip 10: Bundle your travel services

Many travel websites offer discounts when you bundle your hotel, flight, and car rental bookings. By taking advantage of these bundled deals, you can save money on all aspects of your trip, including your hotel stay.


Saving money on hotels is easier than you might think. By following these 10 tips, you can secure better deals and make your travel budget stretch further. From leveraging team member travel programs to exploring alternative accommodation options, there are numerous ways to save on your hotel stays.

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