Galaksi Sombrero

Galaksi Sombrero

Sebuah galaksi spiral, juga dikenal sebagai M104, dalam gugus Virgo sekitar 28 juta tahun cahaya jauhnya.

Tampilan Observatorium Besar dari galaksi Sombrero yang terkenal ini dibuat menggunakan teleskop Angkasa Chandra, Hubble, dan Spitzer NASA. Gambar sinar-X Chandra (biru) menampilkan gas panas dalam galaksi dan menunjukkan sumbernya yang merupakan campuran obyek di dalam galaksi dan quasar di latar belakang. Gambar optik Hubble (hijau) menyingkap tonjolan cahaya bintang yang terhalang sebagian oleh pita debu, yang berpendar terang dalam tampilan inframerah Spitzer (merah)

Sombrero Galaxy: A Great Observatories View

The Sombrero, also known as M104, is one of the largest galaxies in the nearby Virgo cluster, about 28 million light years from Earth. This Great Observatories view of the famous Sombrero galaxy was made using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, Hubble Space Telescope and Spitzer Space Telescope. The main figure shows the combined image from the three telescopes, while the three inset images show the separate observatory views.

The Chandra X-ray image (in blue) shows hot gas in the galaxy and point sources that are a mixture of objects within the Sombrero as well as quasars in the background. The Chandra observations show that diffuse X-ray emission extends over 60,000 light years from the center of the Sombrero. (The galaxy itself spans 50,000 light years across.) Scientists think this extended X-ray glow may be the result of a wind from the galaxy, primarily being driven by supernovas that have exploded within its bulge and disk. The Hubble optical image (green) shows a bulge of starlight partially blocked by a rim of dust, as this spiral galaxy is being observed edge on. That same rim of dust appears bright in Spitzer’s infrared image, which also reveals that Sombrero’s central bulge of stars.

Fast Facts for Sombrero Galaxy:
Credit  X-ray: NASA/UMass/Q.D.Wang et al.; Optical: NASA/STScI/AURA/Hubble Heritage; Infrared: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. AZ/R.Kennicutt/SINGS Team
Scale  Image is 8.4 arcmin per side.
Category  Normal Galaxies & Starburst Galaxies
Coordinates (J2000)  RA 12h 39m 59.4s | Dec -11º 37′ 23
Constellation  Virgo
Observation Date  May 31, 2001
Observation Time 4 hours, 33 minutes
Obs. ID  1586
Color Code  X-ray (blue); Optical (green); Infrared (red)
Instrument  ACIS
Also Known As  M104
References  Li, Wang and Hameed, 2007, MNRAS, 376, 960
Distance Estimate  About 28 million light years
Release Date  April 30, 2007

Sumber : NASA

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